Shibari teacher


Coincidentally, I entered the world of ropes in the fall of 2016. When I heard the word Shibari and began to google it, my eyes lit up and my heart filled with the joy of recognition. I had dreamed of experiencing being tied up, but I was not aware that it existed on that level and in such an artistic form.


Step by step, as I discovered the ropes and got to know myself through them, a whole new world opened up for me, which quickly became even a little addictive, and soon the search for opportunities to participate in different workshops in Europe and learn / experience more began.


I have had the honor of participating in workshops of such masters as: Andy Buru, Sarah Rei, Ceci Ferox, Tifereth, Lahtnor, Boris Mosafir, Soptik, Cyril, Gestalta and a few others.


The first years were spent more in the role of surrenderer, being tied up, but sometimes the desire to lead already existed. It is magical what different experiences and emotions can arrise feeling the rope slipping on the body or getting rid of their grip, you can really dive deep  therapeutically and deeply.


Since I tend to control quite a lot in my daily life, I found a switch with the help of ropes, that enabled me finally to let me completely out of my state of control and trust life around me.


But this is not only about control or power or floating in surrender, but also all the other nuances that skillful rope-use can offer…

Tangled together

In this workshop, we peek together into the enchanting world of binding. Who, why and should we tie up? Or do you have a companion who desperately needs to be tamed?

😉 We test on our own skin what emotions and sensations ropes can cause on the body. We learn the basics and acquire basic skills that lead to confidence and the courage to explore the world with the help of ropes. We can experience what it feels like to be submissive, but kept safe and held in vulnerability.

Suitable for beginners. Caution, can be addictive!