Shaft Uddin

Love & Intimacy Coach, Therapeutic Tantric Body-worker, Transformation Facilitator, trauma release therapist, somatic movement therapist

Shaft Uddin

Shaft Uddin is a Love & Intimacy Coach, Therapeutic Tantric Body-worker and Transformation Facilitator and is the founder of


Shaft’s mission is to find world peace through intimacy. So there’s no more blaming and shaming between men and women but transparent communication, authenticity, shared vulnerability and co-creation. The healing power of Tantra has helped him on his own journey overcoming addiction, depression, and loneliness to supporting countless men and women overcome sexual trauma and connecting back to themselves.


“I am on a journey to make tantra as popular as yoga as a form of mindfulness and meditation. And to bring it into schools so children can learn about healthy boundaries and consent from a young age, so sex education isn’t just about fear but about love and connection. I believe with Self Love we can cure all addiction with connection. We can overcome depression and anxiety by becoming present. And heal loneliness by finding the one. Ourselves.”


Shaft is also a trauma release therapist, somatic movement therapist, speaker, dancer, performer, lifestyle brand consultant to large companies such as Samsung and Disney. He creates safe spaces for people to connect with themselves and others through rituals, play parties, retreats and workshops all over the world.


His work has reached over 38.7 million people via social media and various other media outlets including the BBC, Vice, Times magazine, the Guardian and many more. His viral video about tantra reached over 15 million people, this is the most viewed video on tantra ever made.


‘I love my life, I love my body, I love myself’ – This is the mantra for THE SCHOOL OF SELF LOVE 

Shaft Uddin will take you on a journey into a playful and powerful process of taking off the layers for you to step into your truth.  

We use simple tools to overcome our own limited belief systems and reprogram our neurological pathways to awaken our full potential.  

This results in a more sexually liberated juicier life full of synchronicities, and being in a constant flow state. 

Let go of society's conditioning and discovering who you really are.  

You are a prayer. You are a living temple. Make self-love your daily.