Executive Life Coach, Certified Yoga and Soul Motion dance teacher

Ronski A. Kosky

Friendship, Family and Community have always been important to me. For intimacy to blossom between oneself and others, requires spending time, giving attention, and making touch a daily priority. Deep friendship and sustained connection between people come from understanding the relational fields that support healthy Tantric relationships and community; these are self-care, the giving and receiving of love with others, putting energy into your family of choice and community, and spending time in nature and with the elements.

As you come to understand all the many archetypes that live in your temple, compost and heal the trauma, shame, guilt, the unexpressed that wants to be birthed to leave space for your wholeness, then more of your essence flourishes each day. When you become familiar with your feelings, both expressed and received, as well as expand your feeling vocabulary, then you become more empowered and on purpose. As you grow to understand your essential needs for a life well-lived, then your visions and dreams are more likely to come true. When you appreciate and honour who you are, your path becomes clearer. Discovering who you are and what is described above takes considerable time, with a deep intention and commitment to find and be on your way.

If you ask yourself what is sacred relationship, what is sacred sexuality, then you are on a Tantric path. I have been creating and supporting communities for 50 years. I have been helping communities to grow and evolve in many countries. This has been one of my missions in this lifetime. I am part of a new collective that is just beginning to create a new community in Marjamaa, Estonia. I have a Master's degree in Community Building and Leadership. I feel the future of life on planet Earth depends on all of us learning to live peacefully and harmoniously with each other. I look forward to meeting you at the Estonian Tantra Festival.


In childhood, I had many Tantric experiences. In those early years I was my natural authentic self, living inside my emotional and physical body. My vibration was high, alive, vibrant, and well. I loved each moment, I was curious and completely present. My dream world and active life were one. I lived Tantra. Of course, family life and enculturation changed all of that and so tantric experiences became more rare for me for a while. Being a passionate person I yearned for a life that was more enjoyable and pleasurable. Could I reclaim the Tantra of childhood as a maturated man? This has been my question and quest for many years. Gradually, through being close to children, I rediscovered and re-claimed my Tantric lifestyle. I also used many practices as ways to raise my vibrational state and make Tantra a daily part of my life.

For many years I have begun most days with a one hour 30 minute practice that I have called Mindful Movement, Meditation, and Music. Having a morning practice, 5-6 days a week is essential for wellness and for leading a dynamic and creative life. I begin with a 15minute warm up that includes yoga and stretches. The mindful movement is freeform expressive dance with a focus on micro-movement. The meditation is sitting in which I sometimes vocalise, ohm, and make a variety of sounds.I finish the practice by harvesting all the expressed energy, sitting quietly and being grateful for another very precious day in my life.

I am a people person and I think of everyone as being very unique and special. For me I enjoy and get great pleasure in sharing my tantric practices with anyone who cares to join me, whether they are a friend, teacher, or lover.

I occasionally watch films that are made by independent film-makers.üdamering is a very moving and emotional movie made here in Estonia by film-maker Margit Lillak. This movie tells the story of how relationship challenges between people effects everyday community life. There is a Tantric tension in this movie that creates many questions. Of course, there were many beautiful moments the Mõisamaa Ökokeskus experienced. This is a Real movie, there are no actors.

In 2014 I came to Esna, Estonia, to teach a Community Building and Leadership 7-Day Workshop called ‘Rising Together’. I will be offering this program again in 2023, here in Estonia. I look forward to sharing with you some of the Golden Keys to having successful and celebratory relationships; ones that build healthy Tantric Community, Family, and Interpersonal relationships. Make your life a beautiful love journey, come join me at the Estonian Tantra Festival.

Workshop: Healthy Tantric Community ~ The Art of Loving in Community

Any successful, healthy community is born out of loving kindness that leads to loving presence ~ a state of being inside each community member and a way of being with each other.

The way we feel, think, behave, relate, and the way we live and interact with other community members. In this workshop I will share with participants the theory on what are the ingredients for a Healthy Tantric Community, as well as take them on an experiential feeling journey. They will leave with a deeper embodied understanding of how to create loving relationships, families that thrive, and the pathways to manifesting a successful sustainable community.