Osho satsang 5

In the fifth part, Osho talks about how Pythagoras went to a secret Egyptian school. In order to get there, he had to go through a 40-day fast with breathing exercises. Osho introduces the exercises that changed Pythagoras and made him the greatest mystic in the world. This is an exercise where you have to focus on the third eye between your eyebrows, look at your thoughts and feel your breathing.

Keeping an eye on the third eye will help increase the power of our manifestation. Thanks to this, for example, hypnotists can guide people and make them seem to do impossible things. Therefore, it is important to have a clear mind before doing these exercises. Purity in tantra is not a matter of morality, but an important component of the exercises so as not to do too much to yourself or others with your corrupted thinking.

When we breathe, we don’t just breathe air into our lungs, we breathe prana. Air is only its carrier in our body. William Reich studied this phenomenon. He called prana Orgon energy. William was one of the most advanced scientists at the time, but he was stamped insane.

Man needs prana to live, not air. One monk spent 40 years underground in samadhi from 1880-1920. Those who dug him under the ground were no longer alive. But the monk survived and lived for another 10 years. 6 months before her death, prana begins to come out of her body. This means that the incoming air is no longer filled with prana, but the outgoing air. A person who is aware of and feels prana can determine the exact day of his death. Because of this, many saints have accurately predicted the day of their death.

The last exercise Osho introduces at this satsang is becoming aware in a dream. To do this, you must breathe through your heart before falling asleep and feel how prana enters your heart when you breathe.

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