Osho satsang 4

In this podcast Osho explains that if some techniques feels to be too easy to have an effect of enlightenment, then that’s the mind playing tricks on you. If it’s too easy, it cannot be serious or efficient. If it’s too complicated, then it’s not worth even trying. Either way mind is always looking for an excuse why not to practice or at least postpone the practical part. Not today. Maybe later. “I don’t have time for meditation”
Another reason is that enlightenment is not something very hard to achieve because we are already holy we are complete as we are. We just need to acknowledge this and wake up. The secret behind achieving the goal is practice. Without practice there is very chance to achieve anything. It took Buddha 6 years of practice to achieve enlightenment. For Mahavid it took 12 years of practice.
It’s not always better to know more. Instead it’s more useful to know just a little and use that knowledge, put it to practice. Osho is also mentioning meditating on the death at cemeteries for 3-6 months. This is an old tantric tradition that helps to make peace with death.

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