World traveler, Master of ceremonies


Nick was born in Ohio and has traveled the world to visit over 50 countries where he has participated in all sorts of ceremonies in many different communities, villages, and tribes.  Nick lived in Mexico for many years as well as Brazil and can speak both Spanish and Portuguese.  He feels that tantra is a lifelong endeavor that many of us begin even before we have a name for it.  He is excited to visit Estonia for the third time and to see all of the wonderful friends from past years.

Evolved Body Art

I believe that I began playing with breath and connection as a teenager. Then in my early 20's, I read a book called “Sexual Energy Ecstasy” that opened my mind to the idea of sexuality being a form of spirituality.

 I love the idea of movement, breath, sound, and touch.  Incorporating those things into my daily life keep me alive and engaged.

I don't really know any famous people, and not sure that they would consent, but... I think that most musicians and artists would be fun to play with!

One of my favorite movies was “Princess Bride.”  I love that the main character was ambidextrous!

WORKSHOP: Art of Playful Surrender