Nathan Marcuzzi

Somatic bodywork therapist

Nathan Marcuzzi

Originally from Vancouver, Nathan’s journey began at age 14 when he was introduced to hatha yoga and meditation by his high school theatre teacher and to authors such as Jiddu Krishnamurti by his father. Eight years later, in 2003, he felt called to deepen his experiences and began exploring various avenues of spirituality from Kundalini based teachings in Kathmandu, Vipassana trainings in Canada, followed by his initiation in Reiki levels 1 & 2 in Northeastern Thailand. He was committed to these practices for nearly 12 years at which point they began to feel stagnant. This stagnancy is what ultimately led him towards his current path.

In 2015, he felt intuitively pulled to a Tantra festival in Sweden where he was introduced to Breathwork, De-armouring and what he now calls a Somagetic Ecstatic Experience.


“This festival experience not only changed my life’s path, it completely transformed how I viewed life and sexuality. I awoke to the reality that the alignment of one's life force or sexual energy could bring great awakening. I have never felt so empowered knowing that my true essence - my authentic, invariable nature - is within me here and now and that all universal greatness and beauty is accessible at any given moment.”


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Armour can be described as traumatic or emotional experiences which have not been fully felt or integrated. Instead, they become stored in our physical, emotional and energetic bodies. Somagetic de-armouring is the experience of moving through and releasing these somatic and energetic blockages using breath, sound, energy channeling, gentle shaking and shamanic techniques.

Examples of Somagetic De-armouring:

Ecstatic Experience

Stemming from venerable systems of energy practices such as pranic healing, qigong and reiki, a Somagetic ecstatic experience (which is often described as a full body energy orgasm) is a way to deepen our connection with self, liberate our sexual, creative, life-force energy and reach expanded states of consciousness and bliss. It is a dynamic process that activates our parasympathetic nervous system, strengthens our vagal tone (vagus nerve) and ultimately supports us in reconnecting with our energetic body. A Somagetic ecstatic experience is not a sexual massage. In fact, the experience involves very little touch. It is also important to note that every ecstatic experience is unique to the receiver dependant on one’s level of surrender, state of allowance and their energy sensitivity.

Examples of a Somagetic Ecstatic Experience: