Moon Elina

Tea Ceremony Master, Creator of Naistepuna, Women’s Circle Facilitator

Moon Elina

Moon Elina is actually just a Woman.


Partner, mother, sister, girlfriend, creator, keeper.


For the last 7 years, she has held meditative circles with Tea Journeys, created the Moon Room studio and held regular women's circles and retreats so that we can all move closer to ourselves at our own space.


Acquired executive coaching skills at EBS and creates and thinks on a daily basis in the language of writing and the arts.


"Life is a Ceremony!" could summarize her actions and choices.

Tenderness and Thunder - workshop for Women

Creators of Naistepuna - Kristina Paskevicius and Moon Elina have held cirlcles together for years.

This time we invite women to relax in their depths. Touch. Notice. Reflect. Hold the space. To see another Woman as a mirror of herself. Look at yourself through the depths and heights. You are welcome exactly as you are - in your Tenderness and Thunder. And allow us to be ourselves.