Merrit Helistve

performing artist, director, choreographer, counselor, dance teacher, body psychotherapist

Merrit Helistve

My passion has been dancing and movement since early childhood. I have worked all my life as a performing artist, director and choreographer. I work daily as a psychological counselor and body psychotherapist.


In psychology, I was most interested in the connections between body and mind, and hence the search in the field of body psychotherapy.

Seeing how much our bodies reflect our mental state, I began to look for ways to connect my current activities in dance and movement with psychology.


Now I have reached a point where every breath can connect me to my personal dance. There are no steps to be learned, just cognition - a deep connection with oneself.


I feel that without movement there is no life, every cell in my body becomes happy when I take the first step. If you add beautiful music and pleasant company, the energy in the body becomes completely ecstatic. In co-creation, I feel how I become more courageous to express myself even more, and a sense of belonging helps to create relaxation in order to fully reach one's body. The inspiration and motivation that dance creates will last for days.


In this workshop, we create a connection. Connection is our whole life - our relationship with ourselves, others and society. Here comes our vitality and well-being. Here we are in harmony with our loving essence, our nature.

We study the ability to create love, a trusting presence in love, to attract it into our lives, we increase our ability to create and be connected.

Be present in your body, in contact with life energy, creativity, sexuality and playfulness. Follow this wisdom both in your dance and in your daily life.

We learn to trust, feel, notice, submit, and fly. Everyone can create a trusting silence by staying in the center and being there for their partner.

The trusting silence heals the brain, holds and supports the body, mind and spirit. It opens up our inspiration and supports a movement that is focused on itself.

There is truth in trusting silence. Without expectations, desires and assumptions - acceptance of oneself and the living. If we do not expect anything from the outside, there is nothing to be disappointed with. All you need is will, everything else is already a matter of time and commitment.

This experience helps to develop courage, self-esteem, love, and the ability to accept in order to live your life truly and creatively.

It doesn't matter who you are in your age, physique or background – in you lives a creative dancer, your life energy. Give it shape, expression and space and surprise and inspire yourself!