Margus Sarmet

tantrist, sex education promoter, tantra teacher

Margus Sarmet

I have been practicing tantra and yoga since 2011, during which time tantra and yoga have changed my life beyond recognition. My quality of life, self-satisfaction, concentration, productivity, self-confidence, performance and well-being have improved tremendously. The main reason I practice tantra is spiritual pursuit. I am convinced that we can all attain enlightenment in this lifetime, above all that we need sufficient aspiration and commitment. I consider tantra to be one of the most powerful spiritual systems and highways in personal development, despite the fact that sometimes it "shakes" quite strongly on this path.

My studies of sexual tantra began at Bhairava Yoga School and continued at Agama Yoga School in Thailand, where I also completed tanta teacher courses. I have been practicing non-sexual tantra, or right-handed tantra, since 2014 in the Shivoham Tantra line under the guidance of Guruji Rajkumar. I have completed a full course of hatha yoga at Isvara Yoga School and my kundalini yoga teacher training comes from Karam Kriya International Yoga School. In addition, I have completed countless courses from different teachers.

I have a degree in civil engineering (TUT) from formal education, and I have also defended my degree in strategic management (UT) and organizational behavior (TU). I continue my development path while studying at the Private School of Transpersonal Psychology and Hypnotherapy "Conscious Self".

I earn my daily bread as an expert in the field of construction, in addition I am an entrepreneur (see: and and an investor, a promoter of sex education and I organize tantric events in different formats and also awareness-oriented children's and youth camps. I am also a practicing transpersonal psychology therapist.

My worldview is holistic and I know that everything affects everything. Therefore, I try to follow the principle of moderation both in my personal life and in my teachings. I am convinced that having a personal higher goal and constant strategic pursuit is the key to success in all endeavors, be it the highest aspect of economic well-being or personal development. In my personal practices and teachings, I integrate ancient wisdom with modern knowledge to find the truth in me.

I hope I can pass on a piece of my knowledge to you as well.

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I believe I had my first tantric experience spontaneously before I ever heard the word "tantra." As a young teenager, as I began to discover my body, my mind free of dogmas and external influences, I found my body to be very sensitive and erotic. I found that what fascinated me was the subtle level of the touch and play and the postponement of the climax. Unfortunately, there was still too little ability and knowledge to notice and associate at the time, and the rapidly invading "mainstream sexuality" suppressed this beautiful beginning. Fortunately, it was possible to return to it later, as awareness grew. I have learned a personal lesson that everything natural is beautiful and the body is worth trusting ;D 

I seem to have been able to teach my body a conditional reflex that as soon as I close my eyes, my eyes turn to my head and spontaneous sublimation begins. It is an extremely useful habit that allows you to meditate at any time and place, even for just a second.

If possible, I would choose all 64 Yoginis as my tantric partner, such a combination would probably ensure immediate enlightenment. By making my wishes more earthy, I would make a proposal to Mary Magdalene or the Virgin Mary. 

Dangerous Beauty is a movie, which perfectly demonstrates how purposefully channeled sexual energy makes all impossible goals possible and how non-channeled sexual energy leads to chaos. This movie is at the same time also enjoyable, as it also provides material for deep contemplation.

Tantra ABC

 “Live in the middle of life battle! Everyone can stay calm in a cave. Stand in the whirlwind of action madness and reach the Center. ” Swami Vivekananda

Do you know what tantra is, its principles, its purpose? Some people begin their tantric journey from experiential workshops without knowing the basics of tantra, philosophy, thus finding themselves in situations where they may feel uncomfortable, vulnerable, confused. It would be the same as to go driving in metropolitan traffic without any driving lessons. This lecture is for the beginners and also for those already on the tantric path and want to understand the great spiritual teachings of tantra. The lecture includes practical exercises.

Tantra is a style of yoga, a life-affirming journey, an ancient science of energies that, among other things, teaches a person to use sexual energy consciously. Tantra offers an opportunity to reach spiritual realization in this world we are living in, among other things, it teaches to understand your energies and to move towards desired goals. Thus tantra is a very vital and practical spiritual system. The Tantric journey is a paradox where the walls of a person's own prison (various personal, social restrictions, taboos, wounds of the soul, etc.) create an opportunity for the persons liberation. There is a stark contrast to the ascetic spiritual teachings that have greatly influenced our understanding of spirituality. Tantric philosophy says that everything is divine, so you and I are also divine, with all our aspects. So there is no reason to deny anything, or suppress some parts of our life or personality. Instead, everything is accepted, integrated and transformed.

This practical lecture-type workshop is just for you if you want to understand tantra and its philosophical basis in order to consciously and confidently move forward on your tantra path or decide if tantra is for you at all. The workshop is suitable for everyone. Come to the lecture alone or with your partner! The workshop does not contain nudity.

Workshop by Margus Sarmet and Kristiina Saul.

Full moon yang spiral meditation (full moon is 22.08.2021 15:02)

The full moon is full of mystery, but also of immense power. Just as the moon has the ability to move the oceans (tides), it has the ability to affect us, people. The moon has a particularly powerful effect on us during the full moon.

Unfortunately, the effects of the full moon on people are usually not harmonious and lead many people emotionally out of balance. However, it is possible to turn the full moon to your advantage and instead of letting the full moon affects be negative. We can consciously use the powerful energy of the full moon and turn it to what we want. Working together and consciously, we can turn the powerful yin energy of the full moon into the powerful yang energy. This is the purpose of the full moon yang spiral meditation. Yin energy is characterized by excessive emotionality, confusion, indecision, hypersensitivity to external influences, addictions. Yang energy is characterized by determination, perception and setting of one's limits, perseverance, determination, balanced emotionality, clarity.

It is especially useful to cultivate yang energy in these turbulent times to keep your mind focused, the goal firmly in mind, and to reduce susceptibility to external stimuli, whether informative or viral.

Be focused, be determined, be decisive and have a strong immunity. Be yang! Come to the full moon yang spiral meditation! The effects can last for weeks or months!

The duration of the meditation is about 50 minutes, with the preparation about 1.5 hours.

The meditation is guided by Margus Sarmet.