Kristjan Puusild


Kristjan Puusild

I am a soul researcher, this time information about me can be found in poetry.

I look with excitement into the corner of the heart
do not hide my eyes from seeing the number of sins
I am a mischievous shadow of the spirit of life
my brother Lucifer has his own TV series

I fly around across continents and islands
sometimes I touch a couple in love
then a storm will be born in their hearts
and no one understands anything

After the kisses, I enter your chest
and make one cunning claim
to show your sins to one another
to lay forward all the shadows of your soul

There is flow in my veins
the sounding blood of the gods
and the flames of dead stars burn in my face

When I land, you will recognize me my life and power and brilliance
then you step forward with open heart
and thou shalt put me in your pocket of love


The first tantric experience was so deep, unexpected, and moving that it would remain to be written about, and at the same time did not want to, because it was very personal.

I do not have the tantric practices that are always with me, but I consider it important to adjust myself to the practices and to be present both physically and mentally.

I would do an internship with Denzel Washington because he is a powerful representative of the warrior and the king's archetype.

I don't know about the film, but the book would probably be the manuscript of Mary Magdalene.

Lecture: Tantric way of life - opportunities for the growth of a soulful personal life and relationship?

In this lecture, we will explore the possibilities of everyday life and relationships following tantric principles in the modern world and look for answers to the following questions: how and on what basis can tantric practices be applied to support personal psychological maturation and the development of relationships? What are the difficulties and challenges to be faced in a relationship, and how can one maintain a wise relationship and oneself even in tense situations? How to find a balance between personal needs and the preconditions for a relationship to work? What opportunities does a relationship based on Tantric teachings offer?

Everyone is welcome to the lecture and does not expect nudity!

Practical workshop: making contact with fragile places in the soul (archetypes of a child, mother, lover, anima/animus)

In this workshop, we delve into the border areas of the human soul with different techniques, trying to get in touch with the wounded or fragile parts of the soul. In order for a person to be happy, to live a full and balanced life, to create meaningful human relationships, it is necessary for him to know his journey and understand how the parts of the development path that have been overlooked, not cared for nor loved require re-engagement sooner or later. In the workshop, we try to get in touch with these parts and give them a chance to heal. We make contact with a wounded child, a half-hearted lover as well as undiscovered anima and animus. The aim of the workshop is to be aware of one's wounds and imperfections, to accept them and to give oneself the opportunity to relate to them. People who have done body or soul work in the past and are ready to look deep inside are welcome in the workshop. The workshop does not require nudity.