Master of ceremonies, bodywork expert, sexual counselor

Kristina Paškevicius

I am a master of ceremonies, creator and keeper of the space. On a daily basis, I am engaged in massage, sexual counseling, Tantric dance, sweat lodge ceremonies, sauna rituals, women's and men's circles, retreats, and body work and dance journeys, personal counseling and nature therapy.


My biggest influences in life have been Nature, Theater, Dance, Tantra, Shaolin, Taiji, Butoh, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Homeopathy, Reiki, Shamanism, Children, Men, Women and Silence ...

It's a matter of my heart to be happy! What makes me happy? Peace, beauty, cooperation, creation, listening to the voice of my heart, contact with myself and others, breathing together with other people, nature and quite certainly dancing makes me happy. I live and breathe through dance. It is through dance that I feel presence and contact with my true nature. My greatest teacher is the Mystical Life itself. I have learned from life that each of us has our own unique dance and inner rhythm, just like the seasons, nature, elements, stars. By feeling and understanding these rhythms, we can begin to flow with the world in a supportive, beautiful, and heart-warming way.


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Creators of Naistepuna - Kristina Paskevicius and Moon Elina have held cirlcles together for years.

This time we invite women to relax in their depths. Touch. Notice. Reflect. Hold the space. To see another Woman as a mirror of herself. Look at yourself through the depths and heights. You are welcome exactly as you are - in your Tenderness and Thunder. And allow us to be ourselves