Kristiina Saul

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Kristiina Saul

What fascinates me the most in this world is the art of living, life and myself as a mystery and getting to know it. Yoga came my way more than ten years ago when I first took a kundalini yoga class. This was the beginning of a deep realization, and yoga became an integral part of my life. I became an internationally certified kundalini yoga teacher (Karam Kriya Yoga School). The continuation of the yogic lifestyle has been tantra on my life path, which has given me, among other things, the opportunity to consciously study sexuality and its role in human life and spiritual development. In addition to various tantra trainings in both Europe and Thailand, I am currently studying in India under the guidance of Guruji Rajkumar, a teacher of the Shivoham tantra line, where it is a great honor to be a part of the ancient teachings of traditional tantra. Tantra has opened a new way to experience myself, which some other yoga paths have not brought to me so far. Yoga and tantra are not just a hobby, but a lifestyle that intertwines with my family life and work as well. I am a practicing lawyer, and I have also been a therapist for many years. I have studied at the Institute of Holistics, went through the Branon Bays Journey

Therapy seminar program and am currently studying at the private school of Transpersonal Psychology and Hypnotherapy "Conscious Me".

I feel how all the different aspects of my life complement each other and I have learned that there is no need to give up anything. Spirituality is like a thread that unites a person's life path into a whole and enriches it with unprecedented nuances that only acknowledging the material world could probably never provide. I can confirm from my own experience that commitment to yoga and tantra practices is life-changing, bringing with it the ability to increase your energy level and the skills to manage your energy to unlock your potential, grow awareness in every area of life and thus have satisfying relationships and experience how the mystery of life within you and around you wonderfully opens. I share my experiences and knowledge by organizing yogic and tantric workshops, guiding women's circles, as well as organizing holistic camps for youth and children.

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Transfiguration of Shiva and Shakti, or Transcendence of Duality

Normally, we look at our surroundings based on the second chakra center, in this case we experience projections, where we reflect both negative and positive unaccepted aspects of ourselves onto another, which creates a false sense of superiority or, at the other extreme, an experience of worthlessness. With transfiguration, we raise our frequency to higher centers, an internal shift takes place, where we no longer see ourselves and others as limited selves, but see the larger Self, the person becomes transpersonal, i.e. divine. There is no tantra without transfiguration, it is a process of inner transformation, the ability to see the world as a divine play. Transfiguration can be done in relation to everything you experience in the world - in relation to yourself, people, objects, etc., because the divine is in everything!

This workshop will focus on the transfiguration of sacred Shiva and Shakti. In Tantra it is said that the world is the result of the interaction between Shiva and Shakti. So Shiva and Shakti are madly in love with each other, our sexual attraction is actually the attraction between Shiva and Shakti, it is our alignment with the infinite dance of life within the divine couple, it is the power of love itself. Reuniting Shiva and Shakti is a step beyond duality. What appears to be two becomes one. In Tantra, we move away from the illusion that everything is separate, and with transfiguration you can move away from your limited world view and experience the divine.

Tantra ABC

 “Live in the middle of life battle! Everyone can stay calm in a cave. Stand in the whirlwind of action madness and reach the Center. ” Swami Vivekananda

Do you know what tantra is, its principles, its purpose? Some people begin their tantric journey from experiential workshops without knowing the basics of tantra, philosophy, thus finding themselves in situations where they may feel uncomfortable, vulnerable, confused. It would be the same as to go driving in metropolitan traffic without any driving lessons. This lecture is for the beginners and also for those already on the tantric path and want to understand the great spiritual teachings of tantra. The lecture includes practical exercises.

Tantra is a style of yoga, a life-affirming journey, an ancient science of energies that, among other things, teaches a person to use sexual energy consciously. Tantra offers an opportunity to reach spiritual realization in this world we are living in, among other things, it teaches to understand your energies and to move towards desired goals. Thus tantra is a very vital and practical spiritual system. The Tantric journey is a paradox where the walls of a person's own prison (various personal, social restrictions, taboos, wounds of the soul, etc.) create an opportunity for the persons liberation. There is a stark contrast to the ascetic spiritual teachings that have greatly influenced our understanding of spirituality. Tantric philosophy says that everything is divine, so you and I are also divine, with all our aspects. So there is no reason to deny anything, or suppress some parts of our life or personality. Instead, everything is accepted, integrated and transformed.

This practical lecture-type workshop is just for you if you want to understand tantra and its philosophical basis in order to consciously and confidently move forward on your tantra path or decide if tantra is for you at all. The workshop is suitable for everyone. Come to the lecture alone or with your partner! The workshop does not contain nudity.

Traditional Tantra: Fire Ritual YAGNA

The purpose of Tantra is to purify oneself without denying life situations. You will experience a traditional tantra cleansing process called YAGNA. This sacred fire ceremony, which evokes the energy of shakti, comes from the teachings of the Indian tantric master Guruji Rajkumar, who explains the process with a metaphor: If you have a dirty pot, take the hose and clean the pot with the water coming from the hose. Similarly, tantric yagnas represent the flow of water in a hose. We are pots and the power of water cleanses us. Energy flows through us, purifying and connecting the individual mind with the cosmic mind.