Krista Köster

dancer, choreographer, yogini, yoga and dance teacher, creator of soundscapes and sound journeys

Krista Köster

I've probably always been this "touchy-feely" type, sensuality and physicality just seems like a very natural way to feel. Creating and expressing through dance, yoga and sounds is the greatest passion, commitment and vocation of my life. When I started my journey as a dance artist about 30 years ago, I was primarily interested in maximum body training and learning different dance styles. These were like different languages ​​through which to express oneself. Today, my perspective has shifted from the external form to the internal cognition. Although I still enjoy physical discipline and body awareness / intelligence in my dance and yoga practices, I am now primarily interested in finding my authentic language and expression, playfulness, and broadening boundaries. Much inspiration comes from observing nature, observing the basic elements and laws of nature, and translating the rhythms and textures that prevail in nature into movement and sound.


In my current work, I use both movement and sound to get rid of patterns we are used to, be they physical or thought patterns, and to return to my pure original essence.

Listen. Sense. Move.

The body is one’s personal harbour of sensations! Using imagination and visualisation, breath, sound and movement we are travelling through our body, that is so familiar and yet there’s so much to discover! We try to avoid and dissolve our habits and patterns that we are used to and open for a new experiences. Workshop offers a creative way to increase our physical awareness, improve flexibility and stamina and experience the pleasure of movement & moving together as one organism. This workshop is accompanied with live sounds of singing bowls, gong and other beautiful instruments and ends with deep relaxation in sound bath.