Kayenne Lee

massage teacher, therapist, founder of Thayfusion, creator of contact meditation

Kayenne Lee

Kayenne is a courageous therapist, massage teacher and the author of the book “Through My Own Hands”. He has spent last twenty years of his life studying the guarded secrets of Southeast Asia. Great massage masters have taught him to feel the body messages and their relation with emotions, organs and physical pain. Kayenne is a founder of Thayfusion - the School of Massage and Sensory Growth and creator of Contact Meditation - a particular and unique type of meditation based on contact. During the Festival he offers workshops, where one can meet his body through touch and movement, surrender to the art of letting go.

With my tantric girlfriend.

Semen retention & conscious touch.

Mantak Chia

Was a movie from Argentina, but I don’t remember the title.

Contact Meditation: Sacred Language of Touch

Surrender to the art of letting go.

A unique technique that allows you & everyone to enter a state of presence and intimacy.

A deep experience in the different layers of touch: power, fear, and pleasure that takes place through the movement to expand body perceptions & raise vitality to help you reconnect to the natural energy flow. 

Double Tantra Yoga: bodywork in motion

This workshop is about to bring refreshing energy and excitement to your daily and intimate life.

Finding a new combination of posture, ways to connect, touch and love each other. 

Which is captured in a joyful, exciting and funny way!