Katrin Kivi

BlissYoga creator and teacher, Holistic and Deep Breathing Therapist, Open Mind Retreat Creator, Creator of Kandimaa Yoga Center, Fashion designer

Katrin Kivi

I have been a truth seeker since childhood. As a child, I remember thinking about the functioning of the Universe and the deeper nature of life. The desire to create took me to study as a painter at the Tartu Art School and from there to become a fashion designer at EKA. I have been active in this field for 20 years.

I am inspired creating and holding space and this has materialized in creating from the heart Kandimaa Yoga Center in Saaremaa. It is like the magic when creating from open heart a space or

environment can turn into pure unconditional love. Creating retreats has come into my life out of a pure desire to create beauty, warmth, love, depth, playfulness, celebration, pleasure and much more.

Everything in the world vibrates at some frequency. Fear, anger, guilt and shame are some of the lower frequencies where it is very difficult for us as a person to be present. Spiritual practices and working with yourself will increase your frequency. Working with yourself means brutal honesty, and from my own experience I can say how liberating it can be.

More and more, I am in contact with my talent to see a clear picture, connections and obstacles that prevent a person from rising to a higher frequency. In my workshops and practices, I use my talent creatively as much as the group is willing to accept.

The highest vibrations are gratitude, happiness and love. You feel the creative power of yourself and you know that you can choose where often you want to be and what to create in your life. I live a vibrant life and I invite everyone to this frequency!

For more information, see: https://www.openmind.ee/

My first tantric experience was on a trip to Bali in 2015, where I experienced an energy massage offered spontaneously by a friend. My eyes were covered and I couldn't expect anything because there was no body contact. I lay in unknown for a long time, experiencing the stress of performance - the mind said that I had to react somehow. The moment I let everything go, I let the control go, the body started playing and waving. While experiencing the powerful flow and movement of energies in my body, I was amazed that this was really possible. This experience opened up my body's energies and there was no going back.

I have a yoga practice with me that is quite tantric in nature. For me, it is important to be present in the body, enjoy, allow voice and movements to express pleasure, relax.

Maybe it could be Daniel Odier, because I was very touched by his book Tantra. The sacred dimension of eroticism.

All the parodies of tantra make me laugh, because it is extremely important to be able to make fun of myself. Jokes and laughter are qualities that elevate us above the rest of the animal kingdom. Laughing and joking is so human and so broadening and liberating. Just like conscious sexuality.

BLISS YOGA - Body work through pleasure

We are all energetic beings and the nature of energy is movement. We are given a body to feel and experience the movements of energies. Orgasm is also an energy play in the body. Rigid attitudes and negative thought patterns are expressed in both a rigid body and everyday life. Good contact with the body opens the sensors of our cognition.

BlissYoga is an original flowing yoga style, where the main emphasis is on feeling and enjoying your own body. We start the lessons with a calm adjustment, then we create a contact with the body. Body activation and stretching will prepare you for a little breathing meditation where you can have a very powerful connection and orgasmic experience! The lesson ends with a deep relaxation with a sound journey. All this combo works perfectly with our whole being, and by practicing consistently we can significantly improve our quality of life.

BREATHING JOURNEY - Relieving bodily traumas and shadowbeliefs

With pulsating deep breathing, it is possible to create a direct connection with the body by "jumping over" the level of the mind. Through this, a change in the level of consciousness takes place. As you go through the process of breathing, you give control to your body, and the level of mind and ego cannot stop you. The body begins to release the emotions and tensions trapped in the past. This time, we are creating a space to release the traumas and shadows associated with sexuality. This process can be inconvenient because your shadow can become visible. By trusting the journey, it is possible to quickly cleanse these patterns from the body.

The state you reach at the end of the session is something magical. People have described it as expansion, rebirth, complete relaxation, and bliss. You integrate this experience into your body and you can also tune into its nature in everyday life.