Janie Petersen


Janie Petersen

Janie is a professional Tantric Relationship Coach and she enjoys sharing her passion about Tantra in all areas of life. She loves creating transformational spaces for couples to grow and evolve in.

No matter if your are totally new to Tantra or if your have been on this journey for a while Janie is able to take you on a transformational and life changing journey where she will teach you numerous tantric tools of how to be an in a relationship where you feel alive and at home in your own body, deeply connected to your partner and able to unlock your highest pleasure potential.

Janie has been certified by Layla Martin after a 650h+ Sex, Love and Relationship coaching certification in 2019. She is been running her online business called Tantra Mama for a few years, where she teaches parents how to raise empowered children in a body and sex positive environment while thriving sexually themselves.

Janie transmits her passion for life and love wherever she goes and has a way of connecting with people that opens their hearts with ease and depth.

Our website: www.comealittlecloser.se 

Instagram: @tantramama 


I joined a weekend workshop in Brisbane, Australia back in 2016 called Devotional Erotic Dance for women and it transformed my life. This was my first ever tantric workshop and I loved every moment of it. It was the first time in a very long time I felt at home in my body especially when I got to experience the wild & primal woman within me. 

I love breast massages and yoni massages. It is my go to practice for myself and with my partner. I also love anything around the 5 senses to activate pleasure and to come back to presence within myself and my body. From that space I love connecting to other people. 

There is a part of me that wants to give Putin a breast massage, a lingam massage and a prostate massage wrapped in so much love so his little boy feels safe and can open up for more love , more compassion and more trust in human connection again. 

I believe it still needs to be directed and I am totally up for that! I have to admit though that I am not the biggest movie fan, because media has done so much harm to my own relationship to my body and my sexuality. I am yet to regain more love and trust again in the entertainment world. I do think that Netflix has a few good series like Goop, Principles of Pleasure, Sex Education … I also love some of the erotic, primal and sensual scenes in Vikings and Outlander.

WORKSHOP: Yoni and Lingam Exploration

Enter a heart opening space of sacred sexuality with someone you trust and want to journey deeper with. This Yoni and Lingam Ritual will include some intimate sharing, gentle orgasmic breath work and a transformational process of connecting your heart with your sex. (Please come in pairs).

Sessions at the Festival

You can reserve your session at the information desk: 

Janie Yoni Massage Ritual for Women (90min) 

Janie and Fredrik session for individuals and couples (75min)