Ivar Lettens

Taoist Monk, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Massage Therapist

Ivar Lettens

The Taoist monk's way  to Tantrafestival started 13 years ago, when I returned to the homestead of Lääne-Virumaa from the 3-week trip to monastery of Wudang in China. I was inspired by martial arts, acupuncture, music, calligraphy. I made a conscious choice to live as Taoist munk when I started my two-year vocational training in Alar Krautmann`s massage school. The desire to develop martial arts began to be balanced by the desire to heal and help people. The Taoist monk needed the inner balance of yin and yang. In everyday life, it meant longer and shorter brades, I wore black, white or dark blue clothes.

I honored everyone in my expression, including family members, avoided physical contact (hugs, handshakes, etc.), avoided mixed saunas. I refrained from exposing my body and wore long clothes in the summer to create unnecessary temptations or envy in others. I devoted five hours a day to physical training. I meditated twice a day: partly while still, working in a flow-state, partly performing technical forms with a sword. Ability to direct sexual desire to work or training was directly correlated with the seasons and leisure time. I increased my will. Instead of sex, I figured out how to help patients. I even tried playing musical instrument that helped calm down the rush. Spring, the time of awakening to nature, was the most difficult… I lived peacefully with my mother and father in Lääne Virumaa on a home farm during the whole period of monastic life, because I thought I knew quite well that close relationships were not for me. However, life surprised me and to this point I share the story of a Taoist monk in the form of the past.


The Taoist principles of life that accompanied me for eight years:

* Highly recommended celibate. Marry once in a lifetime.

* Life in the spirit of pacifism, but stay fearless to take up arms if necessary and intervene for protection.

* Self-development. Choose a goal (philosophy, martial arts, medicine) and get the best out of it. Achieve kung fu or advanced level. I focused on massage and martial arts.

* Sharing cutting-edge skills with the world. Teaching others.

* Commitment. Choose a direction and stick to it.

* To find and live in mental and physical balance or zen.

The Art of Touch: how to a rise sexual desire without touching intimate areas

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Sharing Circle in the Heart: Transforming sexual energy into work and creation

Ivar Lettens, a 33-year-old massage therapist with 8 years of celibacy experience shares knowledge from the years he lived as a Taoist monk in Lääne-Virumaa.

Ivar shares techniques with listeners, how to transform sexual desire to the massage, sword fighting and helping to improve martial arts skills.

Come and be a part of an exciting journey of self-development. In the sharing circle you can think along and ask questions.