Tantra Coach, Certified Voice Coach

Fredrik Swahn

"Let your passion for life be stronger than your fear of failure."

Fredrik Swahn is a professional artist with over 25 years of experience, a certified voice coach after studying at the Royal Music Academy of Stockholm and one of the most radiant workshop leaders.

Fredrik has formed and led various men groups and tantric couple retreats throughout Sweden. He has been on the tantric path for more than a decade and is continuously longing to drop into deeper authenticity with the people around him while sharing his passion for conscious connections and sacred sexuality.

Fredrik’s love for running transformational workshops is often framed by the powerful transmission of his live songs that inspire participants to open up to more vulnerability, presence and expansions of their hearts through sound, breath and true intimacy.


My first tantric experience was 20+ years ago, finding ways to slow down sexually through breathing and opening up for deeper meeting in a very intense marriage with 4 kids…

I still need to practice to get out of my mind and head and words to meet my partner on another 

level, where all our human contractions and need to be perfect falls away.

With Putin, some anal work, to make peace within him.

“Inside out” (animated) just beautiful way of spreading our nervous systems need for safety, love what tantra can bring!

Workshop: Yoni and Lingam Exploration

Enter a heart opening space of sacred sexuality with someone you trust and want to journey deeper with. This Yoni and Lingam Ritual will include some intimate sharing, gentle orgasmic breath work and a transformational process of connecting your heart with your sex. (Please come in pairs) 

Sessions at the Festival

You can reserve your session at the information desk: 

Fredrik Voice Coaching session (45 min)

Janie and Fredrik session for individuals and couples  (75min)