We are building a community which is based on family principles, where people are united by love and compassion

It is the new way of co-existence for like-minded people. For years we have been practicing the way of gathering a group of people and diving together into the ocean of love and acceptance. By staying in this state for at least a week we see incredible results of self-healing, happiness and new friendships. 
In long term we are constantly looking for suitable piece of land where we can create permanent village with the same setting and mindset. 
This is going to be the new form of society, where people can focus on their skills and passion, supported by the community and taken care by organised self-sustaining eco-friendly living. This is our dream and we are living it at least once a year, when we gather at our festival to experience the union of love and connection of hearts.
Join our family to grow with us in a safe environment surrounded by prosperity and abundance. 

Sign up for updates on our village project and let us know how would you like to contribute to this concept of new life.