Elina Vas

writer, poet, traveler and peace anthropologist

Elina Vas (Latvia)

Elina Vas is a writer, poet, traveler and peace anthropologist, but in here deepest nature a mystic, dreaming the ways of New Earth.  

In her world trips to South America, the Himalayas, Thailand and other places Elina Vas has discovered ways how to transforming life to a more peaceful. 

Through the years with her partner Charlie Vas they guiding resonance rituals and transformative retreats. Now she is leading seminars in Kabbalistic Tarot at Thirteen Dreamers/Mystery School in Riga. She is an A.U.R.A Hypnosis / RAAH Reiki Healing Practitioner Private and in groups.

Elina Vas world vision and mystical experience of reality have been published in six poetry books. The volumes summarising the poems of a group of visionary woman called ‘Sisters of the Holy Pen’ (edited by P. Eakins) (sistersoftheholypen.com).

By sharing the old mysteries, Elina's desire is to help to the seekers discover their deepest nature. The one that resonates more and more in unison of freedom & peace.



My first Tantric experiences started much before consciously knowing the word tantra. I grew up in a very free, pagan style environment, and my teenage years I spent by exploring the body's and energy flows. From an early age I had a feeling that there is something more in the healthy relationships that are written in the journals and shoved in tv shows. Book Kama Sutra I red before 20. Variety of tantric traditions and practices I had a chance to experience through the years in the Spirit festival “Gara Vasara” and other places.

Aware breathing as part of my meditation and part of my life on Earth is one.

To Love and care for my own body is another. Also I am practicing to calm my thinking mind. This helps to keep an open heart, to be open for new love connections.

The only answer that comes to mind is: I would love to practice with my husband Charlie Vas (who is a little bit famous). I would love to have 3 full days of free flow tantra with him. Just for the two of us only, just for our love practices ... in beautiful nature ... in a beautiful place.

Rumi is the most tantric poet for me! Hopefully there is a movie made for him 🙂  

WORKSHOP: Creative Father/Mother energy within

By Charlie & Elina Vas

The wisdom of old speaks of two main Forces in our Universe.

Two powers that creates everything that exists – the Eternal Male/Father energy and the Eternal Female/Mother energy.

  • The Eternal Muscaline explodes and radiates the Light. He is Wisdom, Peace and Cosmic Law.
  • The Eternal Feminine/Mother energy is the vast and receptive Cosmic Sea.  She is the Great Creator, unconditional Love.

These two magnetic conscious forces move and creates our Universe forever and ever.

They are the great Lovers. They make our existence possible.  We, the humans as their beloved children has the same power – to seed and create...

Creativity in the individual human being can be at its fullest when masculine and feminine energy flows freely through, but many times its blocked.

In our practice, we will work with our mind/body/spirit to reactivate the masculine/feminine energy in each of us.

In this workshop, we will practice:

  • Breathing
  • Singing sacred words of love
  • Kundalini awakening guided meditation
  • Movements in the cosmic flow of Two (with binaural beats and live music) 

WORKSHOP: Merkaba activation - Light Body Activation

Merkaba represents the integration of the mental, astral and physical body. We align the mind, body and heart with crystalline energy that can grow up to 20 meters around the physical body.

The process of healing the body / mind / heart and activating the light body consists of several stages:


2. SOUL FORCE (30 min)




6. EARTHING SONGS (10 min)