Dagmara Saarinen

Bodywork therapist, Healer


The working name Enigma originated from Dagmaras’ unique approach to her work and how she sees and relates to people. 


It started at an early age for Dagmara who grew up surrounded by energy work, herbal healings and many alternative healings methods which meant that   it became a natural part and interwoven with everyday life. 


The childhood experiences laid the foundation to more than 20 years of experience as an adult of working with the body, taking a fully psychosomatic approach to releasing trauma. Over time she has developed her own unique way of combining the different methods in an extraordinary way to meet the needs in the individual sessions and in the workshops that she is giving. She has also worked with children with special needs in several projects and in schools.


Dagmara is trained in physical theater, Hawaiian Healing Methods, Feldenkrais Therapy, CranioSacral Osteopathy, Reiki, Gurjijev movement, Hawaiian Hula dance and are using these methods in her work. 


She has also always had a love for singing and attended music school. This gave rise to exploring how the voice could be used in ceremony and as a powerful way of healing. 


The training in physical theatre with Ryszard Nieoczym, following a method created by Jerzy Grotowski (physical theater) and Zygmunt Molik (voice training), opened-up for the very intuitive and powerful work that Dagmara does today. 


The work expanded the possibilities of combining body work and voice in a psychosomatic way. It gave a deep understanding of body movements, our own connections as well as blockages, our sensitivity, sensuality and flow and how this connects to our feminine and our masculine energy. It also opened-up the understanding of voice as a connection to you - the soul voice. The voice vibration as well the voice and psychosomatic blockages.


This training gave an excellent basic understanding of sensing and connecting to a person. The Hawaiian Kahuna Bodywork in style of Abraham Kawai'i and Tamara Ho'okahi  helped to go to the very deep levels of psychosomatic connections. It opened a completely new, deep and intensive approach to this work showing that the body is the bridge to the soul. The Kahuna Bodywork is a Massage that connects the body and mind. The goal is not to work on symptoms but to find the core of the issue.


Dagmara is passionate about working with people, always searching for the connections in the body, mind, spirit and the cause to the symptoms as well as the relation between flow and life energy.


The methods she uses are unique, moving between very gentle to very strong. She has the skill to see and feel the blockages, the patterns and the underlying structure. After as session with Dagmara you come back to yourself and feel like yourself again. 

Trance Dance - Shamanistic healing

A workshop using trance dance for your self healing.

We offer a held space. Where you are supported by two experienced bodyworkers and shamanic healers, and by the circle of dancers and musicians, carrying you on waves of rhythmic drumming and didgeridoo. If you choose to enter the Circle and enter your process in the moment, all together we join to support your journey.

Use your body, use your voice. Open a window to your inner world.

Bring comfortable clothes.

Fascilitators: Petra Kaya and Dagmara Enigma