Bella Laurfeld

Body- and Massage Therapist

Bella Laurfeld

Bella Laurfeld is a massage therapist and healer. She is receiving her clients in Anahata studio in Helsinki. Bella has a talent to awaken the energy body in people. Her touch is tender and very gentle. It opens the soul of a person. Her presence gives permission for the soul to shine through. She is using tools from tender bioenergetics and tantra practices. Bella has the ability to see the divine in every human being. Her kindness and attention are hard to miss. She is always welcoming and warm. 

Bella also organizes events and festivals where she shares her wisdom and inspires others to find their path and fall in love with themselves. One of her main teachings is self-love. This is the key to happiness and healthy relationships. Because the most important relationship is with yourself. As soon as you realize that, you start to build a foundation for harmony and peace in your life. 

There is no one way to success because everyone is different. That’s why Bella is giving workshops and one on one sessions where she helps people to recognize their path and dare to walk on it.

Bella is passionate about couple relationships. She believes that being with someone and supporting each other in growth can be a very powerful journey that can take the couple high up to the new horizon. Her experience shows that a relationship can last for decades and it can still be fresh and loving. Together we can learn and discover so much more about ourselves and about our partners. This way we can also learn the law of nature and how sехual energy builds the beauty around us with ease.

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Come and start the day in the warm relaxing sauna with your partner or friend. The gentel heat opens the body and heart for the day ahead, wakes  you up softly, adjusts and aligns.

In this workshop, we offer each other a healing touch. We learn massage techniques to offer our partner. Through touch, we awaken our bodies and make contact to listen and notice how we experience ourselves through the body and what kind of creation is made with you and your partner this morning.

We invite you to experience the brightness in a warm sauna!

Please register in advance at the information tent.


In that workshop we start to explore with our partner and othet couples how to relate with our body and heart in a new and loving way. 

Our capacity for pleasure and deep relationship lies beneath our shame and fear. In that workshop you can explore with your partner how to relate safely with others in most honest and lovely way. 

Bring a new dimension to your relationship and discover aspects of yourself and your partner that you may not have noticed before.

In that workshop safe space is made for you, so you can feel held.

The workshop is for couples.


Come and be part of an uplifting evening in the sauna and SPA area. Surprises and performances await you. Pleasant and exotic atmosphere. You can come in your most natural costume or wearing minimal body covering.