Atmo Chai

freedomDANCE teacher, Ecstatic Dance DJ, Tantra practitioner

Atmo Chai

“Church is where the music is, where the bodies can move freely, where the rhythm is flowing through the whole body, awakening the dormant energies and expanding beyond. Where the community is gathering to support each other to go deeper, to go higher, to dissolve our minds into the trance, the field of Oneness”.


Atmo’s love affair with the free-form dance began 10 years ago with Osho dance Meditations and 5 rhythms practice. This passion led him to dive into Trance Dance, Open Floor, Movement Medicine, freedomDANCE, InZero, Ecstatic Dance and other forms of the formless dance meditation.


It is the space where everyone is welcomed, everything allowed, the beauty of human heart, uncomfortable feelings, old wounds and new dreams. Where experienced movers can merge with newbies and there is no one who is better, everyone unfolding their own unique flavour of dance. Where there is no right or wrong way to dance, where freedom is experienced through the body.


Atmo is a freedomDANCE teacher, Ecstatic Dance DJ and Tantra practitioner. He’s weaving rhythms from all around the world, including Ethnic, Organic House, Conscious Hip Hop, Psy Trance, Dub and Classical.