Aliaksandra Mouji

Presenter of Sufi Practices

Aliaksandra Mouji

I love to feel how the flow of my Sufi master, which formed the basis of the basic understanding of my world, the flow of energy, knowledge and practices of the great mystic Osho, and the well-tested methods of European therapists and masters merge and find fulfillment in me.

Nine years on the Path of spiritual self-knowledge and deep therapy have revealed and continue to reveal many gifts to me. All the most precious things we seek cannot be found outside or in some other person. All the treasures are within. And they are available in every moment of life.

I have been following the Sufi Way for more than 9 years and carrying the tarikat of the Naqshbandiya brotherhood (Uzbekistan, Bukhara) and Mevlevi (Turkey, Konya).

  • I finished the first step of Neo-Raihian Osho Pulsations with the creator of this lineage Anisha Dillon, USA (deep body therapy method) and continue my studies.
  • I studied regression therapy and work with traumatic experiences of the past with European masters and mystics of the East.
  • More than 8 years I organize and lead closed regular groups, retreats, practices, mysteries and meditations (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia).
  • For 4 years I created and led courses for the development of creative potential and opened a studio of free creativity.


It was a tantric festival for several hundred people. I felt the totality and deep beauty of male and female energy. It felt like I loved every person in this room and every interaction is sacred and flows through us by itself.

Almost every morning I do the practice "Big and Small Orbit," a meditation on connecting the heart and sexual center, the practice "Making Love with the Universe," and some couple practices with my husband.

Osho is something that is bigger than my understanding and ability to accommodate.

I can't answer that question.