Alar Krautman

Creator and teacher of Krautman Academy of Health

Alar Krautman

I am the creator and teacher of the Alar Krautman Academy of Health.

Massage, the traditions and therapies of different countries and health topics have been my life and passion. Having studied physiotherapy and the so-called medical massage gave the impression that an essential part in this kind of massage is missing: the importance of touch and the energetic part. About 30 years ago, my long journey to Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Thai traditional medicine, Japanese medicine and finally Estonian traditional medicine began here. In all these traditions, the balance of the physical and energetical part has been important to me.

I don't consider myself essentially a tantra teacher, but the tantric way of life has been natural for me for decades, tantra has so many different aspects to learn about life that have given me more vitality, deep self-care and have made me want to make the world a better place. By now, I have taught various therapies in Estonia for about twenty years and given workshops in dozens of different countries.

I live in Lahemaa in the midst of ancient nature, from here I draw strength and balance. Here comes the realization that the world is abundant and wonderful.

At the festival, I do a men's workshop. My ways can sometimes be unexpected, but usually bring clarity and insight. I draw on my knowledge, cognition, experience and insight and try to convey them as clearly as possible.

I also make a special sauna ritual at the festival called Taiasauna. It is a journey back in time, we go to the sauna and I share an old story and at the same time we do it in the key that is appropriate today. This ritual is quite long, but the sauna is pleasantly warm and you can rest before and after each round (there are three rounds in total). Taiasauna has sauna customs that must be followed, then we get a truly powerful and deep experience (knowledge as an added value). 


I think it is very difficult to say exactly, in a sense, probably my first tantric experience was being born, being in the womb, being on my mothers breast. If I now go to a conscious experience and what is usually considered to be tantric, the story takes me about 20 years ago, when I was asked to do a tantric / erotic massage in the so-called girls' night. I had never encountered such massage before and I tried to decipher what I was supposed to do. In this short time I was able to read the available literature (which was very scarce at the time) and I came across a great many tantric truths: boundaries, agreements, security, trust, responsibility, presence, energy enjoyment, less is better, and so on. It broadened my understanding at the time, and it in turn opened new doors. 

I'm not really convinced that in the end it can be distinguished what is a shamanistic, yogic, breathing, or tantric practice. They are  intertwined for me. I develop myself on a daily basis through physical and energetic exercises, breathing, meditation, prayer, a little less often dancing and, of course, tantric love-making. 

Those I know personally, I have been able to do these practices.  Osho I would have wanted to know and experience his teachings. I would like to experience the embrace of Māta Amritānandamayī  Devi. There are an incredible number of teachers in the world from whom there is a lot to learn and experience, but we might not know anything about them yet.

“Laanetaguse summer”